I’m a PhD candidate studying human behavior through the lens of Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. I like researching collective behavior and gaining insights into human reactions, especially during crises events + teaching machines to converse with humans meaningfully. I am also interested in how we use emojis to communicate :)

My main PhD focus is studying multi-party, or group conversations. I recently wrote a survey paper detailing available multi-party corpora and what they have been used to study so far. Further work is currently under review.

My other projects include studying opinions expressed online through social media using computational social science methods and NLP as a part of a multi-phase interdisciplinary project at UNC Charlotte. I have also worked on identifying hate speech (and hope speech) on social media.

I was a Graduate Life Ambassador (2020-2021) and Graduate Life Fellow (2021-2022) at UNC Charlotte. I am an active founding member of the Club for AI Research. Join us if you are looking to discuss topics related to Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.